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ChinaSys is a community for researchers and practitioners on computer systems in China. The goal is sharing resources and providing a forum for the community to exchange ideas and meet each other.

The community interests include operating systems, virtualization, distributed systems and network, system security, mobile embedded, cloud computing, many-core and multi-core systems, interactions among programming languages, computer architecture and systems.

ChinaSys is inspired by EuroSys and WWW Computer Architecture. In light of the emergence of system related research and practice in China, we feel it is necessary to have a venue to collect, maintain, and share resources. We thus create the web-site of ChinaSys with the hope of gathering people with similar interests in computer systems together.

ChinaSys currently organizes an invitation-only retreat twice a year, to exchange ideas and gather feedback for early research results. The first retreat happened in November 2011 in Shenzhen, right before China National Computer Conference, the largest computing events in China.

Since August 2015, ChinaSys has become an ACM SIGOPS chapter, with a formal name called ACM SIGOPS ChinaSys.

10th ChinaSys Workshop

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